I was on vacation in Mexico when I was officially booked for Peter and Karina’s wedding (for the day after I got back home)! I have to admit I was bleary-eyed the next day but tanned and excited to meet this couple!

I left Vernon an hour early with my gear (and a strong coffee) to scout out the location. ¬†Usually I would visit the location a number of days before the wedding. But if I’m not able to, then I will get there early to plan out some unique locations for formals. I also like taking photos of the decor and detail shots. These photos may seem insignificant, to some, but they are the introduction to the story I’m going to tell through my photos.

I arrived outside the home Peter grew up in which was nestled in between pine trees and overlooking¬†Okanagan Lake. There were pathways and a faded red stairway leading down to the water. Imagine growing up as a teenager in a beachfront home? Peter told me a few stories from his younger days, but that’s photographer/client privilege.

The wedding took place in the living room of the home. It was a short ceremony but it couldn’t have been more perfect for Peter and Karina. Hugs with family, drinks flowing and snacks enjoyed (by the way…fresh figs are phenomenal!) and then we headed outside for formals.

I learned that Karina and Peter met through a dance class (Karina is a professional Salsa dancer) so I wanted to make sure they danced on the hill overlooking the lake. But how do you get there wearing stiletto shoes? You borrow your sister-in-law’s Vans! Cha-Ching! Karina was a trooper all the way down to the water, too. We made numerous stops along the way – the stairs, trails and views overlooking the water (and you know that means lots of footwear changes!).

After the formals, we had the challenge of walking back up the hill to the house (note to self: my aerobics need some work). After we freshened up there were drinks, pastries and the wedding cake waiting to be cut.

I’ve learned that a wedding may be small in number but it never lacks in the same emotion and excitement as a larger wedding. It’s about the two in front getting hitched. If you have a large or small wedding coming up, I would love to get in touch with you and discuss how I can capture your unique and special day.