I had the pleasure of photographing Marg and Dale out on their lush, green countryside last weekend. The rolling hills, sunset and dark horses created some superb shots. You may be wondering how I get the horses to look at the camera with perky ears. Make sure you have a large bag of carrots and a young cowboy doing the jig behind you. “But how do you get the horses into the shot the way you want, Sarah?” Good question! I’ve learned that in some cases you need to move your subject around the horses. I positioned Marg and Dale after the horses stopped to graze. The dogs aren’t in every photo either as the grandkids worked well as hitching posts.

When the shoot was over Marg and Dale invited me inside where we chatted with their son and grandkids. I felt like I was a family friend stopping by for coffee and a chat. Very kind and hospitable. They’re the kind of people you just click with and would love to have as a neighbour!

Two days later I’m back at their farm, on a hot and sunny day, to photograph their 40th wedding anniversary.  I didn’t think we’d have a shady spot to use but the front yard turned out to be perfect. Large trees with hanging branches, a fence, rocks and tall grass – everything a photographer loves!

The couple cut their cake and Marg decided to feed a piece to Dale (more like shove it in his face!) Dale took it all in stride and licked the cake off of her fingers. YOWZA! Married for 40 years and still lighting the fires. I hope James and I are still kickin’ and lickin’ cake off each other’s fingers in 28 years!

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