The first time I met Desiree and her fiancé was the day of their wedding! We talked only 3 weeks before the wedding as they recently got engaged and planned to start their lives in New Zealand the Monday following the wedding.  Desiree said she was just happy to get married and it was all about close family, friends and being casual. I figured it would be more casual when she called her wedding dress a costume. We had a good laugh about that!

The entire wedding took place at her friend’s house. Picture a long dirt driveway, covered in snow and an older farm house on acres of land. It was a gorgeous setting! The ceremony was held in a large unfinished basement. Studs, insulation and bare incandescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling was our backdrop. But nothing took away from the reason why we were all there. In fact, it complemented the uniqueness of Desiree and Sebastien’s relationship and how they met which was through an on-line church. I never heard of that type of church before but why not?!

The couple didn’t seem nervous at all but were anxious to get things going. Desiree initially asked the pastor to present more of a message at the wedding. However, her anxiousness to get this ‘show on the road’ were evident in her smiles, sighs and antsy-ness (if that’s even a word). We all knew she was second-guessing her original conversation with the pastor! I witnessed the sigh of relief when she was finally able to kiss her man. It was so cute!

Right now they are in New Zealand setting up their new lives as man and wife (or sleeping…who knows with the time change). I wish them all the best and God’s blessings!