I had the honour of being hired as the second photographer for this spectacular wedding at Summer Hill Estate Winery.  Before we headed to the venue, I spent the morning with the groomsmen.  It didn’t take long for the nerves to show once they realized a bow tie wasn’t the easiest of tasks! Cellphones were out and searches  were on for the simplest You Tube tutorials. They were going to conquer this fabric beast to create the perfect bow tie. 






Then we have the cutest and most handsome guy of the day, who was the ring bearer, of course. He was thrilled to strap his suspenders on and had no problems with his bow tie. Ready to go! But the groomsmen were still sorting things out behind closed doors. Or what they assumed were closed doors…


Although there were scattered showers, the day went off without a hitch. Just enough rain to keep the dust down, as my dad would say. The rainy weather made for cute cuddling pictures with young and old hunkering down under the white umbrellas.


After the ceremony it was time for the couple to enjoy some eats and time with family and friends before being whisked away for photos  As you can see the rain held off and the fall colours were really popping!




At the end of the night we took the couple to the outside veranda and toasted the night with one last shot.  It was a 12 hour day for everyone. We were all tired but our cameras were full and nothing gives you energy and the spark like a great couple on their wedding day.