I had the pleasure of photographing a vow renewal on Thanksgiving weekend. It was just a wee bit rainy that day! I made sure I brought my Blundstones just in case we wanted to adventure out in the rain. I never did need them but I’m always prepared for what a client might need.

We had lovely wedding guests making sure the tent and tarps didn’t get too heavy with rain.  Every so often the tarps would receive pokes to let the pooling rain come
down safely.  I’m sure I would have been one of the soaked passerbys if not for these conscientious folks.

Inside the tent were hanging lights, glowing paper ball lanterns and live music. All the decorations and ambience were carefully thought of and placed just right.  The ceremony was beautiful and went without a hitch. After the final kiss
and loving hugs from overjoyed family members, a breaker  blew!  We were all in the dark except for the flickering candles and one lone street lamp.  Two minutes later, Carie-Ann and her sister-in-law were lit up by cell phones.

Not everything on your day may go as planned. But sometimes those situations make the best memories and even better photos!